According to Indian astrology and ancient religious scriptures, Pushya Nakshatra has been referred to as the King of all Nakshatras. The Pushya Nakshatra is considered to be the purveyor of prosperous, profitable and beneficial results. The Pushya Nakshatra forms an extremely unique and rare “Gurupushyamrut Yoga”, which is known to be the facilitator of auspicious occasions and is considered a blessing, especially for business-related activities. Chanting, donation and meditation carried out during this Yoga are said to ensure immense success in all walks of life.
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Nakshatra in Indian astrology, Pushya is considered the king of constellations and means nurturer and provider of energy and strength. Of the twenty-seven Nakshatras formed in astrology, the Pushya Nakshatra stands in eighth place, a numeral that represents Saturn, the deliverer of peace and prosperity, making items bought during the Pushya bestowers of the same virtues. Pushya also finds mention in the birth story of Buddha. The ancient name of Pushya is Tishya and was considered extremely auspicious by learned men.

The traditional practice that the Pushya has been associated with for generations is that of buying gold on the day of the nakshatra. Shopping for upcoming marriages, events and festivals at this time is considered auspicious to buy all sorts of new items.

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