BAGUETTE Cut Diamond
About the Shape
The baguette cut diamond has a long, rectangular shape and is cut with 14 facets. This shape belongs to the “step-cut” family, which also includes emerald and Asscher cut diamonds. In fact, many people often confuse emerald and baguette cuts.
Why this Shape
These diamonds are very thin and complement almost every other diamond shape, without detracting from the beauty of your centre stone. They can also be cost-effective, as the long cut can provide more bling for a thin band
Did you know?
The word ‘baguette,’ is one that is of French origin. The word refers to a long, thin loaf of French bread. The baguette cut of stone was created in the early 20th century. This style of cut was born because of its functionality. When the baguette stone emerged onto the jewellery scene it was during the time of the Art Deco and Art Nuevo period. Western society was very welcoming of the baguette-cut of stone and embraced it in jewellery.